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  • Dacron sails. Main sail with two reefs, external Sailtrack and Slide system Yankee, Jib, Staysail, 2 Storm sails, Drifter
  • Andersen self tailing two speed winches, two #and 46, two #40, three #28, two #12
  • Florentino Para-Anchor
  • Lofrans Tigres Windlass
  • Simpson Lawrence anchor with 300′ chain
  • Scanmar Monitor windvane
  • Perkins M35 engine, transmission replaced 2015
  • Prowell 3 blade feathering propeller
  • Batteries two 4D gel replaced 2017
  • Guest battery charger
  • Kyocera Solar panels with Prostar controller. Two 85 watt rail mounted panels and two 50 watt panels mounted on dodger


  • Icon M802 single sideband radio
  • Ray Marine C120 Radar with mast mounted dome
  • Standard Horizon VHF radio
    Standard Horizon depth sounder
  • Weems and Plath bulkhead mounted compass


  • Refrigeration: Alder Barbour cold machine
  • Wallas diesel glass top stove with oven
  • Raritan Lectrasan head
  • Diesel forced air heater
  • Wallas 3000DX kerosene bulkhead mounted heater


  • Switlik life raft MD2-6
  • 406 CAT II EPIRB
  • Lifesling 3
  • Dinghy:
  • 8′ wood, Great Lakes Boatbuilding Company
  • With sails and oars
  • Honda 2hp outboard motor