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  • Prior owner peeled and expoxied below the water line. No blisters. Hull is fair.
  • No bottom paint build up.
  • Bobstay fitting on bow removed, examined for faults and reinstalled. It’s glassed in.
  • New copper lightning grounding plate on exterior of hull (about 10” x 14”) attached to mast via ¾” bronze bolt and large copper cables.
  • Rudder pintle and gudgeons are sound.


  • Laid teak deck consisting of ½” ply over deck beams with ¾” teak sprung on top. Fastened with bronze screws to ply and deck beams and bunged.
  • Deck recaulked, except cockpit, with Teak Decking System caulk and seams reamed to 3/8” with parting tape at bottom of seam in line current practice.
  • Deck is sound, fair and tight.
  • Bulwarks are sound.
  • New sampson post. Glue lines were failing on the original. New bowsprit mortised and tenoned into sampson post. Sampson post glued up (resourcinal) white oak with 2 coats of epoxy over and painted.
  • Bomar deck hatches removed, sandblasted, powder coated and latch hardware replaced so fully operable. New lens.
  • New custom teak propane locker with new propane tanks and Dickinson regulator and valves. New propane lines to stove and cabin heater
  • New Custom teak boarding ladder with Port Townsend foundry hardware.

Rig and sails

  • New Selden mast, vang roller fuller and standing rigging from chain plates up.
  • New bowsprit (VG Douglas fir), coated with 2 coats of epoxy and painted, custom bronze kranze iron from Port Townsend Foundry. Will accommodate code zero or Asym.
  • New LED masthead & bow nav lights, VHF antenna. New LED deck lights.
  • Insulated port backstay for SSB antenna. Custom SSB antenna attachment.
  • All new (9) Lewmar Ocean series bronze CST winches. Added 2 #50’s for the jib sheets
  • New halyards, running back stays, reefing lines, etc.
  • Main raised and reefed at mast but mast collar installed so lines could be run aft to cockpit.
  • Spinnaker pole ends replaced to accommodate Selden mast.
  • New Doyle main for Fall 2021. Yankee jib (roller)and staysail (hank on) are serviceable.
  • Storm sails are serviceable.
  • Traditional spinnaker in a sock is serviceable. .

Safety and ground tackle

  • New (May 2019) Winslow 4 person Ultra Light Offshore life raft (about 35 lbs). Stows in aft deck locker. 3 year service interval.
  • New (2019) ACR EPRIB Globalfix Pro 406 with intregral GPS Cat II
  • New Jordan Series drogue from Ocean Brake with attachment points installed.
  • 2 new Spade anchors, a 55 lbs S120 as primary and an aluminum A100 as spare. The A100 comes apart for stowage and is light enough to be handled in a dingy.
  • 3 Mustang auto inflate life jackets with harness.
  • Usual required safety items.
  • Existing 300 ft 5/16 chain and spare nylon rode.


  • Interior repainted and varnished, except cabin top.
  • New Dickinson LPG Mediterranean 3 burner stove and oven with gas alarm.
  • New Dickinson Newport LPG heater with gas alarm.
  • New galley sink and countertop.
  • New Fischer barometer. This is an accurate barometer.
  • New Ship’s Bell Chelsea clock.
  • Groco head rebuilt, including new bronze pump housing.
  • New General Ecology Nature Pure water filter with faucet.
  • Custom holding tank (15-18 gals) installed above waterline so no pump required.
  • Installed Spectra water maker. Not plumbed to tanks. Used by previous owner extensively. I believe it to be functional if brought into service properly. Water tankage sufficient for Caribbean.
  • New custom line hanging racks port and starboard of sail storage. No piles of lines in some locker.
  • Cabin fans replaced. You will bless them in the tropics.
  • Existing refrigerator and freezer. Simple but effective. Top serves as chart table.
  • DHR brass trawler oil lamp.
  • Pressure water with spare pump.

Electronics and navigation

  • New Simrad NSS12 EVO 3 12” chartplotter in Navipod in cockpit with NSS9 EVO 3 9” chartplotter at nav station
  • New Simrad Halo 20 radar
  • New Simrad V3100 SOTDMA AIS/gps
  • 4. New Ray Marine i60 wind and tridata instruments with new masthead.
  • NMEA 2000 network with radar overlay. AIS appears on plotters.
  • Rebuilt Richie Navigator steering compass. Looks new to me.
  • Existing ICON 802 SSB with Pactor modem. Great for sailmail & Chris Parker weather.
  • Existing VHF
  • New Iridium GO with external antenna.
  • Sextant.


  • New Iverson dodger scheduled for Jan 2022 (re-make off existing pattern)
  • New sun awning with side shades from mast to tower.
  • Existing bimini off dodger to boom gallows

Engine, Mechanical, electrical, misc.

  • New Yanmar 3JH 40 hp diesel and all related parts. New prop, shaft, cutless bearing, etc.
  • New hot water tank powered by engine coolant or shore power.
  • Shore power and battery charger. Never used.
  • 4 solar panels and related controllers.
  • Wind generator doesn’t appear to be working. Should be replaced.
  • Dingy is a 1985 red Achilles inflatable with a new (2021) Yamaha 6 hp 4 stroke. The inflatable is old but it still works. Engine is great.